RST Quick Reference ===================

Underline titles with punctuation

For subtitles, switch to another punctuation mark

*Italic* **bold** ``name`` ``function()`` ``expression = 3 + 3``
`Hyperlink <>`_ `Link`_

.. _Link:
.. image:: images/python-logo.png
.. A comment block starts with two periods, can continue indented.

A paragraph is one or more lines of un-indented text, separated
from the material above and below by blank lines.

    “Block quotes look like paragraphs, but are indented with
    one or more spaces.”

| Because of the pipe characters, this will become one line,
| And this will become another line, like in poetry.

  Definition for the “term”, indented beneath it.
another term
  And its definition; any of these definitions can continue on for
  several lines by — you guessed it! — being similarly indented.

* Each item in a list starts with an asterisk (or “1.”, “a.”, etc).
* List items can go on for several lines as long as you remember to
  keep the rest of the list item indented.

Code blocks are introduced by a double-colon and are indented::

    import docutils
    print help(docutils)

>>> print 'But doctests start with ">>>" and need no indentation.'